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I am getting this error

Parameter Errors: uri - uri is not a valid option for this task!

but my command looks valid:

php /var/www/public_html/index.php --uri=controller/action

i tried also (direct in this folder)

php index.php --uri=controller/action

php index.php --uri="controller/action"

always this error


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Kohana 3.3 changed the way it handles CLI execution. From 3.3 it uses Minion module and --uri param is dropped in favour of --task, therefore you have to create Tasks (as opposed to Controllers).

More in the docs: http://kohanaframework.org/3.3/guide/minion/tasks

Note that docs have an error, there's no $_defaults any more, there's $_options instead. Have a look into API Docs for more details.

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