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In Sitecore I am trying to set the source field to a query that will pull multiple folders for selecting an item from a droptree.



I expect this query to return:

  1. The children of sitecore/content/Sites/Global/Data/TabPanels
  2. The children of the current site's Data/TabPanels folder

However, when I run the query, I only get the children of /sitecore/content/Sites/Global/Data/TabPanels. Likewise, when I reverse the order of the piped queries, and list ./ancestor-or-self... first, only the children of the current site's Data/TabPanels folder show up in the droptree.

How can I resolve this?

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Unfortunately Droptree control in Sitecore doesn't support multiple roots so you can not use query for 2 folders to set them as the roots of the tree.

If you want to select one of the children of the sitecore/content/Sites/Global/Data/TabPanels or one of the children of the current site's Data/TabPanels folder, you can use Droplink field type instead of Droptree and add /* to both of the query parts:

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