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Can somebody explain my why this test can't be passed? I'm simply test article view with html content. In view i display content through html_safe

  = @article.content.html_safe

in my test i have something like below:

 context 'shows actual article' do
        before(:all) { @article = FactoryGirl.build(:article, id: 1, 
        content: '<h2>aaaaa ddd bbb</h2>') }

        before(:each) { render }

    it 'show content' do
      render.should have_selector('div.article_content',text: @article.content.html_safe)

after that my test fails:

Failure/Error: render.should have_selector('div.article_content',text: @article.content.html_safe)
       expected to find css "div.article_content" with text "<h2>aaaaa ddd bbb</h2>"
but there were no matches. Also found "\naaaaa ddd bbb\n", which matched the selector but not all filters.

but when i drop html tags from factory object's content test pass. i don't know why html tags are chane to '\n'. in browser all looks good.

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The has_selector/have_selector matcher matches on the text which is actually visible - and the text that shows up on the page is aaaaa ddd bbb rather than <h2>aaaaa ddd bbb</h2>'

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ok , i understand, thank you. But is there a way to strip tags from builded object to make a test pass? or can i only do it manually. –  Karol85 Apr 9 '13 at 5:11

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