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Trying to connect to SockJs server. I am running the following code from a secure https page https://localhost/index.php

    var sockjs_url = 'http://localhost:9999/echo';
    var sockjs = new SockJS(sockjs_url);

    sockjs.onopen    = function()  {console.log('[*] open' + sockjs.protocol);};
    sockjs.onmessage = function(e) {console.log('[.] message' + e.data);};
    sockjs.onclose   = function()  {console.log('[*] close');};

I get SecurityError: The operation is insecure. and it falls back to openxhr-polling

If I run it from http http://localhost/index.php websocket connection is established.

Is it not possible to create an unsecure websocket from a secure page?

UPDATE This happens in Firefox but in Chrome I'm able to open websocket

UPDATE 2 Eventually I resolved it by using a https server. See here.

UPDATE 3 Related Firefox Websocket security issue

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