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I know that lodash (and underscore) have a mixin() function that's supposed to let you extend lodash with your own properties.

For my use-case it works . . . kind of.

I want to add JSONSelect.match to lodash so that I can use it within a chain. It works when you only call _.match(selector, object), but not in a chain.

In other words, I can do:

_.match('.name', cars);


_.match('.name', _(cars).chain().value());

but not


Here's a fiddle -- the first 3 buttons work and the last one doesn't. How can I fix it?


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Your usage is incorrect. Normally Underscore/Lo-Dash methods follow this pattern:

_.foo(value, arg1, arg2);

When chaining it shifts to

_(value).chain().foo(arg1, arg2);

and supplies value to _.foo(value, ...) internally.

So in your example _.match('.name', cars) should be changed to _.match(cars, '.name'). This would allow for _(cars).chain().match('.name').value() to work.

Keep in mind when using Lo-Dash chaining is automatic w/o .chain(), though .chain() is supported in the lodash underscore compat builds.

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Yeay-yYAYYY!!! Got it working, thanks to you. New fiddle: jsfiddle.net/marclar/sBGR6/5 –  marclar Apr 9 '13 at 3:14
And yes, I'm using the underscore-compatible build. Thanks, John-David! –  marclar Apr 9 '13 at 3:14

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