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I'm using this library in my project:

android-ManuDrawer https://github.com/SimonVT/android-menudrawer

It works perfectly, the problem is my English is not very good, and I can not find a way to disable that every x seconds, it automatically slide.

I guess it will be a parameter scroller class, but can not understand the code correctly.

Need to disable the automatic slide

I appreciate any help.


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What's the undesired effect? When does it happen? Can you show the code you use to work with this library?


The reason is on this method (https://github.com/SimonVT/android-menudrawer/blob/master/library/src/net/simonvt/menudrawer/MenuDrawer.java) Line 58:

public void postOnAnimation(Runnable action) {
    } else {
        postDelayed(action, ANIMATION_DELAY);

I guess there should be a reason for that. In case the effect is undesired you can just avoid calling it commenting line 745, but there's should be a reason why it is there and why there was no option given to the user to get rid of it.

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The unwanted effect is that every x seconds, the side menu automatically slides as a demonstration for the user. This happens when the screen is not touched for 20 or 30 seconds. The class where I think is the parameter is this: goo.gl/1JyUC –  MiguelC Apr 8 '13 at 20:56

Just don't call mMenuDrawer.peekDrawer()

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