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I have a simple embedded Jetty 9 websocket server. I have a method like this in my annotated websocket implementation:

void onClose(int statusCode, String reason) { "Closed connection [${this}]"
    Event closeEvent = commsEventFactory.buildCloseEvent(this, statusCode, reason)

I have a spock test which connects to the server using async-http-client. I get a successful connection and can send messages back and forth.

However, onClose() is never called (when I call async-http-client's websocket.close() or client.close() or even when the test JVM dies).

I expected the onClose to fire immediately when the far end of the socket disappears.

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onClose() will fire to indicate that the local side websocket has changed state to closed.

It can result from:

  • A proper websocket close handshake has been received by remote endpoint (also known as a clean close)
  • Any protocol violation (in parsing or generating) that will attempt to issue a clean close (status code 1002). Note: due to the nature of this situation, this close might not be a clean close handshake.
  • A connection timeout, resulting in an abnormal (non-clean) close. (status code 1006)
  • Any read I/O exception on the socket, resulting in an abnormal (non-clean) close. (status code 1006)
  • Any write I/O exception on the socket, resulting in an abnormal (non-clean) close. (status code 1006)
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Thanks Joakim! That's definitely my understanding of when onClose should fire. But sadly, not what I've been seeing. I wondered idly whether it was something in the local network on my Mint machine, but I didn't pursue this. I've since moved to using atmosphere, which appears to be working ok. – Theo May 9 '13 at 2:50
You are correct. There were a few close bugs. 406449 and 404991 that were recently fixed and delivered in Jetty 9.0.3.v20130506 please give that version a try. – Joakim Erdfelt May 9 '13 at 12:45

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