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I have a collection of users (model user) model has a boolean value: isExport i have a button that on click supposed to post to the server all the users that isExport=true Can anyone suggest a suitable solution for this problem?

I know it's possible to wrap the collection as a model and overwrite the toJSON function but couldn't manage it so far (can someone please give a code example?)

App.User = Backbone.Model.extend({ defaults: {isExport: false}...});
App.Users = Backbone.Collections.extend({model: App.User...}); 

Thanks! Roy

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Backbone collections by default don't have any write operations to the server, so you'll need to add a new method to your Collection subclass such as doExport, use .where to get the models with isExport=true and their toJSON() to get an array of objects which you can then send to the server with Backbone.sync or $.post.

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Backbone comes with RESTful support. So, if you give each collection a url pointing to the collection rest service, then with a few functions (create,save) you can handle server requests.

App.Models.User = Backbone.Model.extend();
App.Collections.Users = Backbone.Collection.extend({
    url: 'users',
    model: App.Models.User

So, this way, you can:

var users = new App.Collections.Users();
users.fetch(); // This will call yoursite.com/users
               // Expecting a json request

And then you can:

users.create({ name: 'John', isExport: true });

This will send a post request to the server, in order to create a new record. And you can check on server side if it has the flag you want.

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App.Views.ExportAll = Backbone.View.extend({
el: '#exportAll',

events: {
    'click': 'exportAll'

exportAll: function(e){
    console.log('exporting all');

    var exportModel = new App.Models.Export;
    exportModel.set("data", this.collection.toJSON());

I think this is the best solution for the problem

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