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I am making a GUI program using "gtkmm". I would like to draw some graphics to the "Gtk::DrawingArea" widget but I want that widget to be "resizable", so when I draw let's say a line from "(0, 0)" to "(50, 50)" pixel - the drawing area should be resized to a square of size "(50, 50)"; and when I for example draw a line from "(0, 0)" to let's say "(100, 70)" pixel - the drawing area should be resized to a rectangle of size "(100, 70)".

And to do this - I put the "Gtk::DrawingArea" widget into the "Gtk::ScrolledWindow" container.

So when I put a picture with size "(100, 100)" to the drawing area -> I will call the appropriate member function "Gtk::DrawingArea::set___size_request(100, 100)", which will set the size of the drawing area to (100, 100) pixels. So if the "Gtk::ScrolledWindow" is "smaller" than the "Gtk::DrawingArea" inside it, the scrolled window should change to "scrollable" - BUT THE PROBLEM IS, THAT IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!!

So could anybody explain me how can I do this?


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Add a GTK::Viewport in between your ScrolledWindow and DrawingArea.

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It's generally not necessary to add a Gtk::Viewport manually with gtkmm. If it is then someone should file a bug with the test case, please. –  murrayc Sep 12 '13 at 7:34

If anyone is still searching an answer to this, there is a way to do this without Gtk::Viewport, by using this function

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