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I tried uploading an update for the first time using the NEW DEVELOPER CONSOLE. I was very confused and reverted back to the old developer console. I do not understand how to upload a new apk AND edit the store listing (e.g. recent changes) before publishing. I seem to be able to upload APK and publish, or update the store listing and publish, but not BOTH before publishing. This seems very strange to me.

This is what I tried:

  1. I uploaded my apk using the "Simple Mode", but was then prompted to "Publish Now" before getting a chance to change the store listing (e.g. recent changes). Why?

  2. I changed to "Advanced Mode" and was able to upload my apk and save as a draft. I then tried to access the Store Listing, but this said that I could not save changes since I had archived or reactivated one or more apks.

  3. I changed tactics. I started with going to Store Listing and modified my recent changes. Then I tried going to the APK area to upload my new version and it says that it can't save the Store Listing without publishing... what the heck???

This is just retarded, or am I misunderstanding the whole concept of "publishing"?

All I want to do is to publish RECENT CHANGES and a new APK at the same time!

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I noticed the same thing with the new developer console. However, it doesn't matter that they don't let you publish both at the same time since it takes a couple hours before the store updates with your changes anyways. When I see the store update from changes, I always see it update to all of the changes at once, even though they were "published" separately (assuming you have them all made before the store updates).

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