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Using reflection (i'm guessing?), is it possible to create a method that will return a collection of all objects that inherit from an interface named IBlahblah?

public interface IBlahblah;
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Assuming you have an assembly (or a list of assemblies) to look in, you can get a collection of types which implement an interface:

var blahs = assembly.GetTypes()
                    .Where(t => typeof(IBlahblah).IsAssignableFrom(t));

You can't get a collection of "live objects" implementing the interface though - at least not without using the debugging/profiling API or something similar.

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Yes, this is possible, this other stack overflow post gives the solution with LINQ.

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Yes this is possible :

    var result = new List<Type>();
    foreach(var assembly in AppDomain.CurrentDomain.GetAssemblies())
        foreach(var type in assembly.GetTypes())
            if (typeof(IBlahblah).IsAssignableFrom(type))

And this includes the types outside of the current assembly.

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