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The TWebBrowser component in Delphi XE2 seems to be seriously buggy. Is there some sort of code I have to run in order to instantiate it in some special way?

  1. Create new Delphi project
  2. Drop a TWebBrowser component onto the form.
  3. In Form1.FormCreate() call WebBrowser1.GoHome (to google).

If I compile this 32-bit and go to some specific webpages I get error messages. google (ncbi nucleotide blast) and click the first link.

In addition to these javascript errors if I click a link which usually opens in a new window, it opens in IE (a separate application).

The 64-bit version seems even more broken. By going to that same site (ncbi nucleotide blast) I get the entire program crashing due to a 'divide_by_zero' error.

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TWebBrowser is just a wrapper and those errors are not raised by Delphi. To avoid this popups set TWebBrowser.Silent := True – Sir Rufo Apr 8 '13 at 22:26
If I had a penny for every time I saw someone ask this... I'd have a lot of pennies. – Jerry Dodge Apr 8 '13 at 22:27
@Sir Rufo Adding .silent got rid of the JS errors. – Daisetsu Apr 8 '13 at 22:31

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Regarding the floating point exceptions, TWebBrowser expects to operate with floating point exceptions masked. It looks like you are using Delphi default floating point settings and have exceptions unmasked. I suspect that if you mask exceptions then your problems will disappear.

Do that like so:


And as others have said, you silence the Javascript popups by setting Silent to True.

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Hi David, I've seen this.… but didn't really understand it. – Daisetsu Apr 8 '13 at 22:32
What don't you understand? – David Heffernan Apr 8 '13 at 22:43
You are compiling for 64 bit? – David Heffernan Apr 8 '13 at 22:50
Then it's no good setting 8087CW since that's not used. You need to control the SSE unit. SetMXCSR($1F80) – David Heffernan Apr 8 '13 at 22:55
FWIW, SetExceptionMask(exAllArithmeticExceptions) works good here – David Heffernan Apr 8 '13 at 22:59

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