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long freeSize = ((Main.maxSPace-Main.usedSpace)*1000*1000);

maxSpace = 20000
usedSpace = 8

--> freeSize = -1482836480

Why is this the result negative?

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Those are the values of maxSpace and usedSpace? – Justin Apr 8 '13 at 23:00
Do you declare maxSpace and usedSpace after the arithmetic or are you just telling us what they equal? You need to post more code – Jonny Henly Apr 8 '13 at 23:02
What type are variables maxSpace, usedSpace ? – WingsOfIcarus Apr 8 '13 at 23:04
You are probably getting long overflow. Let's see: 20000 - 8 = 19992 19992 * 1000000 = 19992000000 oops, nevermind, that's less than Long.MAX_VALUE – Justin Apr 8 '13 at 23:04
Are you sure maxSpace and usedSpace are in megabytes (which are 1024 bytes, not 1000), and not bytes? – Dai Apr 8 '13 at 23:07

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Change type of maxSpace and usedSpace from int to long. If you can't do this then just change your code to something like

long freeSize = 1000L*1000*(Main.maxSPace - Main.usedSpace);

so result would be calculated as long, not int.

Now it is calculated like this

Main.maxSPace-Main.usedSpace              -> 19992
(Main.maxSPace-Main.usedSpace)*1000       -> 19992000
(Main.maxSPace-Main.usedSpace)*1000*1000L -> 19992000000

Problem here is that we are operating on integers, so result must also be integer, but max value of integer is

2147483647 so
19992000000 is out of range

so Java will take only last 32 bits of result and change it to integer

10010100111100111011011011000000000 -> 19992000000
   10100111100111011011011000000000 -> -1482836480
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maxSpace and usedSpace are declared as ints, so all the arithmetic is performed with ints. Only when you assign the result to freeSize is it cast to a long, but the overflow has happened before then.

Try replacing the number 1000 with 1000L to cause the coercion to occur earlier:

long freeSize = ((Main.maxSPace-Main.usedSpace)*1000L*1000L);
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You are probably getting a negative number because maxSpace and usedSpace are ints. 20000 - 8 = 19992, 19992 * 1000000 = 19992000000 which is less than Long.MAX_VALUE (263 - 1) but it is more than Integer.MAX_VALUE (231 - 1). 19992000000 - Integer.MAX_VALUE = 17844516353 which is still out of bounds for the value of an int. You should let maxSpace and usedSpace be longs.

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When maxSpace and usedSpace are of type int you'll get a negative value because of type overflow. Use long instead for both variables maxSpace and usedSpace. Alternatively, if you can't change the property types of Main you can change your code to:

long freeSize = ((Main.maxSPace-Main.usedSpace)*1000L*1000L);
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