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I am looking into using Kendo UI Web on a new HTML5 Web app and the wireframes call for grids inside tabs. I looked everywhere on Telerik's site, and the web, but I don't see any examples of this being done. Is that not possible? Or is there a better approach, like simply using the Tab control above the area where the Grid control would appear, giving it the appearance that the Grid is part of the Tab?

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There should be nothing stopping you from using a Kendo UI Grid within a Kendo UI TabStrip. Check out the demo for the TabStrip and the demo for the Grid. Hopefully that gets you on your way.

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Ok, thanks. Still wondering why there is no demo of this happening though...all they show is straight text in the Tab demos. I think it would better serve them, and the Kendo control suite, to show interaction between their controls :) –  Randy Brown Apr 9 '13 at 1:41

The details template demo has a tabstrip within a grid and one of the tab is another grid, the second tab having a template.


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