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pwd | sed "s%^\(/[^/]*/\).*?\(/[^/]+\)$%\1...\2%"

I am not sure why this does not work. I have tried both the greedy and non greedy star after the first capture group. I am not even using lookaheads or anything. It works in regex testers. I'm trying to grab the first and last text-part of a path (to squish it while still providing an idea of what dir I'm in).

This is for a tmux prompt line so I'm kind of trying to avoid bringing in something heavyweight like perl to do the job.

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Why not use parameter expansions? Parameter expansions cost way less processing power than a command, pipe and external command you have there:

start="${PWD#/}"; start="${start%%/*}"
printf '/%s/…/%s $ ' "$start" "$end"
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What is this sorcery? First time I've seen it. Looks like some sort of thing designed to do what I want. emotes –  Steven Lu Apr 9 '13 at 1:18
@StevenLu I added a link to the answer to describe the sorcery. –  kojiro Apr 9 '13 at 1:21

I got it after a few more tries:

pwd | sed "s%^\(/[^/]*/\).*\(/[^/]*\)$%\1...\2%"

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