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I'm using an XBee module series 2 with firmware ZNET2.5 ROUTER/END DEVICE API.

I would send an ADC sample, but I saw that the IR parameter can be at the maximum 65535 milliseconds; I read about the IR parameter for collecting more samples before to transmit, but I can't find it in this firmware version.

So is it possible that I can't use a sample rate longer than 65535 ms?

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I found the solution, I can use the XBee sleep time:

I set the cyclic sleep period (SP) to AF0 (28 s), the number of cycles to power down I/O (SN) to 4, and the sleep option (SO) to 4, enabling the extended cyclic sleep. In this way, the module sleeps per SP*SN seconds so 28 s * 4 = 112 s.

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