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I am using the Susy framework to create a grid for my website and am really liking it. I can't figure out why #margin-left: -1em is being added when I use omega in span columns. I cannot seem to find any information about it and it throws this error when I validate the css: .second Parse Error #margin-left: -1em;

My code looks like the below

//this is the default number of columns
$total-columns: 12; 
//width of each column
$column-width   : 4em; 
//space between columns
$gutter-width   : 1em; 
//space on the right and left of the grid
$grid-padding   : $gutter-width;

    @include span-columns(6,12);
    @include span-columns(6 omega,12);

and generates this

.first {
   width: 49.15254%;
   float: left;
   margin-right: 1.69492%;
   display: inline;

.second {
   width: 49.15254%;
   float: right;
   margin-right: 0;
   #margin-left: -1em;
   display: inline;
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Your code compiles fine for me with Compass. The line in question has an asterisk, not a hashmark:

*margin-left: -1em;

A line of CSS that starts with asterisk is a hack that works only for IE <= 7.

To disable IE 6-7 support, set $legacy-support-for-ie to false prior to importing Susy:

$legacy-support-for-ie: false;
@import "susy";
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Thanks for the reply. That's strange, not sure why mines compiling down to a # rather than a *. I will disable support for IE 6-7 and re add the code manually if need be. –  Allan Apr 9 '13 at 5:06
It changed from # to * in the latest release. See this commit. IE rounds up when it hits sub-pixel math, so layouts can break unless you give them extra room to breathe. -1em gives them that room, and since the omega element is floated right, most people don't even notice. You can turn off any hacks using the Compass browser support settings: $legacy-support-for-ie6, $legacy-support-for-ie7, or the more general $legacy-support-for-ie. –  Eric M Suzanne Apr 9 '13 at 6:10
Awesome thanks for the help and explanation. Ive upgraded to latest version of Susy and its showing the * now. –  Allan Apr 9 '13 at 6:28

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