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In the s3fs instruction wiki, we were told that we could auto mount s3fs buckets by entering the following line to /etc/fstab

s3fs#mybucket /mnt/mybucket fuse    allow_other,use_cache=/tmp,url=https://s3.amazonaws.com 0 0

This works fine for 1 bucket, but when I try to mount multiple buckets onto 1 EC2 instance by having 2 lines:

s3fs#mybucket /mnt/mybucket fuse    allow_other,use_cache=/tmp 0 0
s3fs#mybucket2 /mnt/mybucket2 fuse    allow_other,use_cache=/tmp 0 0

only the second line works I tried duplicating s3fs to s3fs2 and to:

s3fs#mybucket /mnt/mybucket fuse    allow_other,use_cache=/tmp 0 0
s3fs2#mybucket2 /mnt/mybucket2 fuse    allow_other,use_cache=/tmp 0 0

but this still does not work. only the second one gets mounted:

How do I automatically mount multiple s3 bucket via s3fs in /etc/fstab without manually using:

s3fs mybucket /mn/mybucket2-ouse_cache=/tmp
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You may try a startup script. This is how I got around issues I was having mounting my s3fs at boot time with /etc/fstab.

How to make startup scripts varies with distributions, but there is a lot of information out there on the subject.

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Please notice autofs starts as root. Then, the credentials file .passwd-s3fs, has to be into the root directory, not into a user folder.

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