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I'm running on severals issues when I'm trying to run the node RequireJS on my project.

This is my folder structure :






This is my build.js file :

    appDir          : './',
    baseUrl         : './static/js/',
    dir             : '../public',
    optimize        : 'uglify',
    exclude         : ['coffee-script'],
    stubModules     : ['cs'],

    paths: {

        // Libraries

        'modernizr'     : 'vendor/modernizr',
        'jquery'        : ['//', 'vendor/jquery'],
        'jqueryui'      : 'vendor/jquery-ui',
        'backbone'      : 'vendor/backbone',
        'underscore'    : 'vendor/underscore',

        // Plugins

        'plugin'        : 'plugin/plugin',

        // RequireJS

        'cs'            : 'plugin/cs',
        'coffee-script' : 'plugin/coffee-script'

    shim: {

        'jqueryui' : ['jquery'],

        'underscore': {
            exports: '_'

        'backbone': {
            deps: ['underscore', 'jquery'],
            exports: 'Backbone'
    modules: [{
        name: "main"

And finally this is my main.js file :

  baseUrl   : '../../src/',
  paths: {
    cs: '../../cs',
    'coffee-script': '../../coffee-script'
}, ['cs!App']);

I'm getting always error related to incorrect path setting and I can't figured out where I'm wrong.

Thanks !

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The solution below worked in my case. It's a common issue with non-amd modules imported with shim or wrapped manually (for instance this one, with custom paths).

Try avoiding relative paths and use absolute 1 paths instead. A dependency called from an aliased module will use its current location to find the required module.

  locale: window.GIS.i18n.locale,
  deps: ['cs!modules/main'],
  paths: {
    'i18n'                       : 'i18n',
    'underscore'                 : 'libs/underscore',
    'cs'                         : 'libs/cs', // there's no '../something/else/libs/cs'
    'CoffeeScript'               : 'libs/coffeescript', // ibidem.
    'text'                       : 'libs/text',
    // ... other amd module aliases go here...

  // ...


define(['cs!modules/main'], function(){});

1 Of course, these are not absolute paths per se, but they are relative to the root of your module tree.

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