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I have a database that maps course names to student id numbers. I need to iterate through the map to create another set that contains all students in the database. This is the code I have so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

//return a set of all students in the school

public Set<Integer> allStudents() {
   Set<Map.Entry<String,Set<Integer>>> entries = database.entrySet();
   Set<Integer> students = new TreeSet<Integer>();

   for (Map.Entry<String,Set<Integer>> pair: entries){ 

    return students;

} // end allStudents
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You could do:

for (Map.Entry<String, Set<Integer>> pair : entries) {
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Your code is correct. Here is a version without iteration

public Set<Integer> allStudents() {
    return new HashSet<Integer>(database.values());
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