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How can I replace single-quote (') with double-quote (") in sql query - oracle 10g?

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This should work:

UPDATE myTable
SET myField = REPLACE(myField, '''', '"');
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You can use Ansi-codes as well, to make it more crystal what is happening:

SELECT someString
      ,replace(someString, Chr(39), Chr(34)) as replacedString
FROM   (SELECT ' abc ' || Chr(39) || ' def ' as someString
        FROM   Dual)

39 is a single quote, 34 a double quote

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Ten bucks says this thing is wide-open to SQL injection and the correct answer is to use parameterization.

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This answer would have been much more helpful if you'd provided an example of parameterization. How would you use it to solve this problem? –  Cody Gray Mar 6 '11 at 8:52
We know nothing about the environment from which this is being called, nor the query, so there's no general example I can give that will be in any way relevant. It's probably something called from client code and there are any number of ways to parameterize that. –  Mark Sowul Mar 6 '11 at 16:13

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