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Basically, I have WiFi APP code that is working fine, it gives all the values that we need and more.

But this code is only the half of the project, the another half is to localize the person depend on the RSSI value that we have. I have the RSSI values, with all MAC address, of the floor and we want to enter them and save in a Java file, so I can recall them when I open the APP.

Basically it will compare the live RSSI value with the one that has been saved to give you the right position. I tried to make, in Java code, a mesh with all points on it, so it will be easy for Java to recall (Grid and x and y coordinates System). But I couldn't do it because I don't know HOW?!

If you can make arbitrary values, then I will enter the right values when we have the right code.

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Your question is a bit vague and unclear to understand. Can you post your code and what exactly you have achieved. ? Basically you will need some form of classification/ learning to figure out where the person is. You will first need to train a model based on whatever data you have and then evaluate how it works. Creating a map/grid is a good idea to begin with. If you could post some code, i might be able to suggest details about how to do this.

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