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I am struggling with MjSip and right now I have a problem registring a sip client to a sip registrar (AsteriskNOW distro : FreePBX + Asterisk + CentOS).

To perform the REGISTER transaction I used the ExtendedInviteDialog class and ExtendedInviteDialogListener interface, I send the first message with request() and detect the server's answer with onDlgAltResponse() and finally answer back with ackWithAnswer(). Here's the source code of onDlgAltResponse(InviteDialog arg0, String arg1, int code, String arg3, String arg4, Message resp) :

if (code==401){  
  if (resp.hasWwwAuthenticateHeader())
                nonce = resp.getWwwAuthenticateHeader().getNonceParam();
                realm = resp.getWwwAuthenticateHeader().getRealmParam();
                AuthorizationHeader ah = new AuthorizationHeader("Digest");
                ViaHeader vh=message.getViaHeader();
                String newbranch = SipProvider.pickBranch();
               // String qop_options = resp.getWwwAuthenticateHeader().getQopOptionsParam();
               // qop = (qop_options != null) ? "auth" : null;
               // ah.addQopParam(qop);
               DigestAuthentication x=new DigestAuthentication(resp.getTransactionMethod(),
                        ah, null, passwd);

                String response = x.getResponse();

                if (x.checkResponse()) Log.d("MYSIP","check");


And the debug message :

NOTICE[1595]chan_sip.c27725 handle_request_register : Registration from 'x' failed for 'y' - Wrong password

the checkResponse() does not return TRUE after generating the response with the nonce parameter and the given password ! I am sure that the username/secret combination is correct from asterisk's CLI. The MD5 secret is not activated : the secret is still stored as a plain text in sip.conf. Is it a problem with MD5 or with the server's extension ? Should I manually modify the sip.conf file ? Do I need to create a sip trunk ?

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Hopefully this will help somebody with Asterisk 403 Forbidden chan_sip.c:27829 wrong password errors.

I've setup my Asterisk 11.4.0 on Linux Mint using some outdated steps from FreePBX site. All went well except I couldn't connect all my clients that worked fine with Raspberry Pi IncrediblePBX version. I kept changing all I could think off using web interface and watching dreadful SIP traces.

Finally I decided to check at CLI level

sip show users

there was nothing there, nada. All the changes FreePBX was doing to some dummy configuration files. I copied over my data Asterisk and immediately started working.

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Thank you. In hindsight, it seems obvious, but this was exactly my problem! –  John Hamelink Dec 3 '13 at 2:32

You need correctly set nat=yes or nat=no in extension.

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I think this has nothing to do with nat ! I tried all nat possibilities, nat=yes, nat=no, nat=never, nat=route. I tried to register with Sipsak (sipsak -UI -a password -s sip:username@domain -vvvv) but I got the same error : 403 unauthorized ! So the problem must be in the extension created with FreePBX and not in the nat field ! –  JohnTube Apr 21 '13 at 13:42

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