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I'm working on a personal project to create a keyword generating tool. I have setup a recursive function to loop through a multi-dimensional array to find out all possible combinations in the supplied list of keywords.

public function recurseful($start, $args)
if (is_array($args))
        foreach ($args[0] as $value)
            $this->output[] = trim("{$start} {$value}");
            if (count($args) > 1)
                $this->recurseful($value, array_slice($args, 1));

I'm passing in:

$data = array(
    array('New York', 'New York City'),
    array('hotel', 'lodging','motel'),

$results = recurseful('', $data);

It successfully iterates through and gives me a list of various keyword combinations. However, it's returning them all in a single array of $output. The function is designed to take the values from $Data[0] (or rather $args[0]) and match them with any other keywords given.

I'd rather them returned

1st ('New York', 'New York City')
2nd ('New York hotel', 'New York lodging', 'New York motel')
3rd ('New York City hotel', 'New York City lodging', 'New York City motel')

It currently returns all of those matches into one. How would I make them go to a different array? Being that the 1st is an exact match of the $data[0], that is easy to get to, but how would I force a new array after looping through all possible combinations for one value in $data[0]? (So if there were 3 values in $data[0], there would be 3 additional arrays returned).

Screenshots A user would enter desired word choices into a spreadsheet. Initial Input

Results would be returned similar to this. So I'd like to put each column of data into it's own array. Expected Output The current solution above simply puts everything into its own array, therefore would be returned back in the same column.


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I'm not 100% sure that i understand what output you want, but merging arrays of $data before you pass them could help. Look for php functions array_merge_recursive –  mariotanenbaum Apr 9 '13 at 6:18
What output you expect there? –  mariotanenbaum Apr 9 '13 at 6:19
I'm expecting a multi-dimensional array (being assigned to $this->output. And then for them to be formatted like I outlined above. –  EnigmaRM Apr 9 '13 at 16:46
I am not familiar with that function. Looks to be pretty powerful. I'm looking at a few examples of it, and am not entirely sure how I would use it to accomplish what I want. I'll post a screenshot so you can see what I'm hoping to accomplish. –  EnigmaRM Apr 9 '13 at 16:58

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I have arrived on a working solution after much more thought & help from coworkers.

function permutate($data, $limit){
    $this->limit = $limit;
    $this->data = $data;
    $this->numLevels = count($this->data);

    $this->possiblePermutations = 1;
    foreach ($this->data as $array){
        $this->possiblePermutations *= count($array);
    for ($i = 0; $i < $this->numLevels - 0; $i++){
        $this->permutations[$i] = array();

    $this->recurse(0, 0, '');

    return $this->permutations;

private function recurse($currentLevel, $level, $string){
    if ($this->numPerms == $this->limit) 

    foreach ($this->data[$level] as $val){
        if ($this->numPerms == $this->limit) 

        $newString = "$string $val";
        if ($level == $currentLevel){
            $this->permutations[$level][] = trim($newString);

        if ($level < $this->numLevels - 1 AND $level <= $currentLevel){
            $this->recurse($currentLevel, $level + 1, $newString);

    if (! $level AND $currentLevel < $this->numLevels){
        $this->recurse($currentLevel + 1, 0, '');

This gives me the desired results.

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