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Within the same SVN repository, I have two directories, backend/ and product/, both containing a file named test.xml.

How can I make a link from product/test.xml to backend/test.xml, such that after I have modified the file product/test.xml and done an SVN commit, I would get the modified test.xml by doing an SVN up backend/test.xml?

By the way, it seems SVN Externals don't work, or have I used it in the wrong way?

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Yes, you can use svn externals to achieve what you want (SVN 1.6+, about two-thirds of the way down).

First, you will need to svn delete test.xml from the backend\ folder and svn commit. Then, in the backend\ folder, you can set your external thus:

me@computer:/backend$ svn propset svn:externals "^/Projects/SomeProject/product/test.xml test.xml" .

(Information about the special ^ (caret) character here in this SO answer).

It's worth noting that this will overwrite the previous value of the svn:externals property on that path. If you need to set multiple externals, save a text file of these (named, say, svn.externals) in the format:

(path01) (name01)
(path02) (name02)
(path03) (name03)
(pathN) (nameN)

and use the -F switch, like so:

svn propset svn:externals -F svn.externals .

You could do this more easily with a GUI client like RabbitVCS.

Hope this helps.

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Ohhh, it does help!!! excellent!!Thank you very much!! –  RoyHu Apr 9 '13 at 8:31

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