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I must to update some label that takes data from a store. I must load into the store new data for ex. each 10 secounds. It's easy - use setInternal()(becouse TaskRunner isn't work o_0)_ and call the store.load event. But my task much more specific. I also have a grid that contains of two columns and takes some data from the store and some data is custom. It means that before columns with a clear store dataindexes there are a few new records in a store with custom string data and some numeric data... It's may be hard to explain by word, but in code it looks soo:

    Ext.define('App.store.Data', {
        extend: 'Ext.data.Store',
        autoLoad: false,
        model: 'App.model.DataModel',
        proxy   : {
        type    : 'ajax',
        url: 'http://mybackend',
        reader: {
            type: 'json'
        data:[first = true],
            load: function()
                setInterval(function (){myApp.getController('App.controller.Controller').StoreLoadHandler();},10000);

    StoreLoadHandler: function(){
        var store = this.getStore('Data');
        //upload data from base into store
                        fio: 'somedata',
                        //calculate some data and write it into store. All dataindexes are existsin model 
                        operCount: parseInt(this.getStore('Data').first().get('isQuick')),
                        opersvod: (this.getStore('Data').first().get('opersvod')),
                        ipk: (this.getStore('Data').first().get('ipk')),
                        allCount: (this.getStore('Data').first().get('allCount')),
                        id: 0
                        id: 1
                        id: 2

           //takes my labels and use setText, works brilliant

        //use sort
            property : 'id',
            direction: 'ASC'
            property : 'fio',
            direction: 'ASK'//'DESC'

In this case when i call a store.load() method or store.reload() my custom records in store are lost. If i delete this operation from listing my custom data is saves and render in grid with 2 columns(dataindexes are - 'fio' and 'operCount')... Where problem is?

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It looks like you calling add method with no data in store. Use callback option of reload method:

store.reload({callback: function() {

Note: do not configure reloading timer from load method - it's bad for understanding

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Thank you! I already knew where the problem was, but my decision was not so elegant... I put into reload() all another code. But now with your help I can solve my problem better! –  Iexpmhihx Apr 9 '13 at 13:03

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