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Let say i have a function:

function getCarName() {
   return array(1 => 'BMW', 2 => 'MERCEDEZ BENZ', 3 => 'RENAULT');

I will use this function on both model and view, should i create two same function on AppHelper and Car Model? What is correct way to achieve this?

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You would want to keep it DRY (dont repeat yourself). Therefore your approach will not work. Either make it a normal model method and use the controller to pass it down. Or use static model methods you can access similar to this approach: dereuromark.de/2010/06/24/… - It seems like you got here some enum like array - which you also might want to work with in your forms etc. – mark Apr 9 '13 at 10:05
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Having two functions doing the same thing is usually a bad idea as it violates the don't repeat yourself principle.

Instead, I would add the function to your Car model and then pass the data from your controller(s) to your view(s) with something like:

$this->set('carNames', $this->Car->getCarNames());

The car names are then available in the view via the $carNames variable.

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