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Here is a sample request which works, but the names are hard coded

    'DomainName' => $domainName,
    'Items' => array(
         array('Name' => '5149572a86deb5161fbb22bdab',),
         array('Name' => '5149572a86deb5161fbf7487b9',),

I can get the name values using the following loop

foreach($_POST['d'] as $key => $value)


I am confused how to integrate the foreach loop with the api request. I assume I need to create an array using the foreach loop and then use that array in the api request but I don't know the syntax.


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Without knowing the format of your $_POST data it's hard to give a detailed solution, but something along these lines should get you heading in the right direction:

$names = array();
foreach ($_POST['d'] as $value)
    $names[] = array('Name' => $value);
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Thanks! All I needed to do was add your code and then change the api request to be: 'Items' => $names –  fun_programming Apr 9 '13 at 5:05

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