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pkmap_page_table has a pointer of page table for kmap when kernel starts.
For example, PKMAP_BASE is 0xFFE00000 and FIXADDR_START is 0xFFF00000, if kernel tries to use the high memory, TTB0's PTE should be set to 0xFFE00000 ~ 0xFFF00000 for virtual address.
Then how pkmap_page_table's PTE is used to making map?
And how TTB0's PTE is modified as same with pkmap_page_table's PTE?

Thank you.

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I am not actually sure about that what problem occuring with you but there some code sinnpet availble in "Understading the Linux Kernel" book.

On the page 309; last lines; "Once the procress is awakened the function checks that whether the another process has mapped the page by invoking page_address(); if no other process has mapped the page yet the inner loop restarted."

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