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I have been following the Redmine Plugin Tutorial and read the page on Hooks, but I still can't get my plugins partials to render, using the render_on keyword or otherwise.

Here's where I'm putting my partials:

└── views
    ├── issues
    │   └── _issue_mail_settings_form.html.erb
    └── projects
        └── _mail_settings_form.html.erb

Here is my class with the render_on keyword, which is in the lib directory:

class MailSettingIssueHooks < Redmine::Hook::ViewListener
  render_on :view_issues_form_details_bottom,            
      :partial => "issues/issue_mail_settings_form"                                                                                                

In init.rb I just require 'mail_setting_issue_hooks'.

If I load Redmine up like this, I can't view the page for any issues - I just get a 404 error. Console output for the request is here, though it doesn't look useful.

If I define a method named view_issues_form_details_bottom in MailSettingIssueHooks and it returns a string, that renders correctly.

How does the render_on keyword decide where to look for partials, and how can I get it working?

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When Redmine loads plugins, it adds the default views directory of each - app/views - to the global Rails view path. The catch is it does not use the actual directory on disk - it assumes a plugin is located plugins/<name>, where <name> is the argument you use to Redmine::Plugin.register.

This means that if your init.rb looks like:

Redmine::Plugin.register :cool_stuff do

But your plugin's directory is actually redmine_cool_stuff, the code will load and execute but the views will not be found.

Solution: Make sure the argument to Plugin.register is the same as the name of your directory in the redmine plugins directory.

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I wish i could give you one more upvote. – aprok Feb 4 '14 at 10:28

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