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I've created an instance of IExplorerBrowser in my code to create a custom I/O view in one of my dialogs. I've implemented the IServiceProvider and ICommDlgBrowser interfaces in my host class. I use the IExplorerBrowser::BrowseToIDList method to fill the view.

I would like to filter the file types displayed (ex. only PNG files). If I call BrowseToIDList with *FOLDERID_Pictures* (i.e. "My Pictures") I can use the ICommDlgBrowser::IncludeObject method or IFolderFilter::ShouldShow to restrict which files I allow to be displayed. However, if I browse to the Picture Library on Windows 7 (*FOLDERID_PicturesLibrary*), neither ICommDlgBrowser::IncludeObject nor IFolderFilter::ShouldShow are ever called.

Is there some limitation to filtering files in libraries on Win7 that I'm unaware of? Perhaps I'm missing an interface or maybe I've specified the wrong flag somewhere.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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This took me quite a while: "Note that the client does not receive a call to ICommDlgBrowser::IncludeObject if a folder filter has been set on the browser by a call to IFolderFilterSite::SetFilter." – Uwe Keim Apr 24 '15 at 11:19

I've had a chance to research this further, including asking a few questions to some Microsoft developers. It would appear, unfortunately, that filtering does not work with query backed views (i.e. Libraries).

An alternative to my approach would be to use the Common Item Dialog with application added controls (via IFileDialogCustomize).


In my specific case, I'm unable to use a Common Item Dialog, but I thought it might be worthwhile to post this information here for future reference.

If in the future I find any way to filter an IExplorerBrowser control, I'll post that back here too.

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I encountered this issue myself.

Yet I have investigated it a little bit further. IExplorerBrowser creates (on my Windows 7 x64 machine) window of ExplorerBrowserControl class. Which itself creates a window of DUIViewWndClassName class. And the very same window (DUIViewWndClassName) is used as a control by dialog created by IFileOpenDialog. Even window procedures are same so there is no subclassing (but I haven't checked each and every subwindow of that control).

And file dialogs are able to filter by file type even in the library folders. So I guess the IExplorerBrowser (or the control it uses) does allow that only Microsoft does not share knowledge how to do that. Or if it does then its somewhat hidden knowledge.

But I got it with IFolderFilterSite (interface supported by IExplorerBrowser from CLSID_ExplorerBrowser). IFolderFilter::ShouldShow isn't called in such cases for library folders. I wasn't able to get ICommDlgBrowser::IncludeObject called (even if I didn't set any IFolderFilter).

EDIT: I managed to get ICommDlgBrowser::IncludeObject called. Somehow I forgot that I have to provide ICommDlgBrowser through IServiceProvider::QueryService rather than through IUnknown::QueryInterface. But still ICommDlgBrowser::IncludeObject is not called for library folders.

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I have done few more (still unsuccessful) experiments and asked the question on MSDN Forum:…. – Adam Badura Aug 30 '11 at 9:31

I tried using IShellFolderViewDual3->FilterView().
But it's search results.
Thank you.

IShellView *pShellView;
IDispatch *pDSFV;
IShellFolderViewDual3 *pSFVD3;


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The purpose of this posting is not clear. Please add some explanation. Are you saying this is a solution to the question? Or are you asking for help on a similar problem? – AdrianHHH Feb 9 '14 at 13:54

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