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I'm working on an Outlook add-in and I'm looking for a complete list that relates that MAPI properties to there names that is a little less vague than this.

There is plenty of documentation on how to access those properties, but I'm not having much luck finding anything that tells me what any of the properties are.

P.S. I've seen this post on the subject but I would really like more info on the subject.

Alternatively, if there is information on extending the Out of Office Assistant, the would be appreciated.


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In some very rare cases there exists documentation from MS as you've seen. The Exchange Server SDK gives you at least some symbolic names, Outlook Spy knows some more by name, OpenMAPI has some named, some float around in the net.

As far as i know though, there is no definitive complete list.

If you were looking for the mapi properties of properties from the OOM though, Outlook Spy should name most of these. It has a 30 day test period and quickly becomes invaluable when working with Outlook.
And no, i'm not getting provisions ;)

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Fully documented:

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oh yea! this is what we're looking for – kavun Jul 18 '11 at 15:13

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