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Is there any way to handle session timeout before rendering a partial view in div. Also, for every Ajax request it should authorize and check.

Target: MVC4 Web-Application using Razor Am having simple 2 column layout page with headers and footer. In left column have menu's and in right column have body content which will be rendered as per menu click. Now the problem is when I load any view in the content div and if the session is expired then by default I get login page view in response and it is rendered in that right column content div which is not proper way to display.

Left Menu Html:

<menu id="mainMenu" class="menubar">
        <ul class="menubar-main">
                <a href="#" onclick="switchView(this, 'Appointments')">


function switchView(sender, viewName) {
    switch (viewName) {
        case "Appointments": $('#pageContents').load('@Url.Action("Appointments", "Account")'); 

And simple controller class returning proper view on action which works perfectly in normal scenario.

Basically What i need if session timeouts page should redirect to login page.


DUPLICATE FOUND AT : ASP.NET MVC forces an AJAX request be redirected to the login page when the FormsLogin session is no longer active

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