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I'm very new with Angular so don't even know if what I'm trying to do is the right thing here. If not, please point me in the right direction.

What I want to do:

I'm using JSON to get external map data as well as angular-google-maps to load in data. My JSON has about 100 places, with names, latitudes and longitudes. I want to use Angular to loop through that data and place markers on my map for each place.


<body ng-controller="ExampleController">
  <input type="text" ng-model="data.message">
  <li class="places" ng-repeat="place in places">
      <p class="link">{{}}</p>

  <div class="google-map" 
    style="height: 500px; width: 80%; ">



(function () {
    var module = angular.module("angular-google-maps-example", ["google-maps"]);

function ExampleController ($scope, $http) {
  $http.get('json/map-data.json').success(function(data) {
    $scope.places = data;

    angular.extend($scope, {

        /** the initial center of the map */
        centerProperty: {
            lat: 45,
            lng: -73

        /** the initial zoom level of the map */
        zoomProperty: 8,

        /** list of markers to put in the map */
        markersProperty: [ {
                latitude: 45,
                longitude: -74

        // These 2 properties will be set when clicking on the map
        clickedLatitudeProperty: null,  
        clickedLongitudeProperty: null,

Why it's not working

Obviously I'm a little over my head, I'm TRYING to find a way to get {{}} and {{place.lng}}into the markersProperty: in the Javascript. Can I somehow push these values into the markersProperty array? What's the best way to achieve this?

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1 Answer 1

In your JavaScript, reference them through $scope:

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