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I have found a link that illustrates the use of getting pwd based in the uid of the user.

I have a similar requirement in java for running a script as a different user which needs this implemetation.

The code snippet in c++ is as below:

static void su(const char* user)
    struct passwd* pwentry=getpwnam(user);
        COUT<<"su:getpwnam:couldnot get pwd entry for user %s",user;
    uid_t new_uid=pwentry->pw_uid;
    struct passwd* pwentry_nmsadm=getpwnam("nmsadm");
        cout<<"su:getpwnam:could not get pwd for nmsadm");
    gid_t new_gid=pwentry->pw_gid;
    uid_t current_uid=geteuid();
    gid_t current_gid=getegid();
        cout<<"su: setuid";

Please suggest some links that can be helpful(libraries that can be used) or solution to the above requirement in java.

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Java does not provide this out-of-the-box, since it is both system dependant and would break security concepts of Java.

Some possible solutions could be:

  • Use a JNI wrapper to call your C++ method, so that you can do everything you need in C++
  • Use ssh to launch the script as a different user
  • Use sudo to launch the script as a different user

See also

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Thanks for the guidance but I cannot use ssh or sudo as i can not pass the pwd into them in order to execute the required operations –  Galaxin Apr 9 '13 at 9:19

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