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I'm new to emberjs it's really cool, I've follow this guide in the official website , After I add some Posts model fixture, the default application template refuses to show up, I can't figure out where's the problem.

Here's my code

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  • You refer to scripts/app.js but the file you have there is scripts/main.js
  • You need to create an Ember.Application, like: window.App = Ember.Application.create();
  • You need to define routes for posts and about, otherwise Ember will throw an error for the {{#linkTo}} helpers.
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It's really nice that ember has errors information in the console output, in my case, it shows

Error: assertion failed: The route posts was not found

I forgot add the /post router, then after I added App.Router.map -> this.resource('about') this.resource('posts')

everything get back to work!

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