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I have installed hawtio in the couple of my Apache Karaf 2.2.7 instances by executing commands:

features:addurl mvn:io.hawt/hawtio-karaf/1.0/xml/features
features:install hawtio

The problem is that I have four linux boxes and four Karaf instances, so I have installed it on each of them. Everything is fine except that the hawtio console ports are different. I know that by default it should be started on 8181. On two of my servers it started on: 8182 and on the other twos: 7181. I am not sure, maybe 8181 is used by something, but still, how does hawtio chooses the port? Can I somehow get in control of this and change the port manually to always be the same?

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Hawtio is just a web-application running on top of Karaf and Pax-Web, therefore you should check the org.ops4j.pax.web.cfg on how the port is configured.

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