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I need a query to make a Select over table1 and table2. I want them to appear as a common result, but without any connection there is no value from table 1 that corresponds with any value from table 2. So if a result was from table1 it should contain the values table1.a , table1.b, table1.c if it comes from table2 it should have table2.d, table2.e, table2.f with the a, b, c-values empty.

SELECT * FROM table1, table2 

...doesn't help me because it always makes connections, connects result of table1 and table2 in one result. I need to have them separate, each result its own row.

Is it simple, difficult or impossible?

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You need to use the same alias for the equivalent columns from both tables, like in :

( select a as FIRST_COL
  from table 1 
( select d as FIRST_COL
  from table2 
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Try this:

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Unless I'm mistaken, this will only work if the number of columns in table1 is equal to the number of columns in table2. But it's been a while since I've done UNIONs in MySQL, maybe that's changed. –  Tenner Oct 19 '09 at 16:23
Yes, I think the number and type of columns has to be the same, and possibly the names/aliases as well. But a UNION query is the way to go. –  gkrogers Oct 22 '09 at 9:43

I was trying to do something similar and was not really satisfied with any answers I found so I came up with the following implemntation.

/* Create Sample Data
declare @a table(a varchar(max))
declare @b table(b varchar(max))
insert @a (a)

insert @b (b)

/* Show Cartesian Intersection of both tables
select * from @a, @b

/* Create matching table variables with ID column
declare @aIdx table(a varchar(max), Id int identity(1,1))
declare @bIdx table(b varchar(max), Id int identity(1,1))

insert into @aIdx (a)
select a
from @a

insert into @bIdx (b)
select b
from @b

/* Join Record by Record
from @aIdx l full outer join @bIdx r on l.Id = r.Id

Cartesian of the two tables is:

a1  b1
a2  b1
a3  b1
a4  b1
a1  b2
a2  b2
a3  b2
a4  b2
a1  b3
a2  b3
a3  b3
a4  b3

Join Record by Record:

1   a1  b1
2   a2  b2
3   a3  b3
4   a4  NULL
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If I understand your wish select a,b,c,'','','' from table1 union '','','',e,f,g from table2

replace '' with your favorite place holder for empty column a,b,c - column names.

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As long as the column types are the same, you can use a union. For example:

select a, b, c
from table1
select d, e, f
from table2

If they are not the same, you can still do it by creating 'dummy' columns. As long as the type and number of columns is the same, the results will appear as one set of rows.

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thank you all for your help! works perfect –  user173163 Oct 19 '09 at 20:14

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