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I want to search for a text in with Breeze.js

var qu = new breeze.EntityQuery("Projects")
                    .where("Name", "startsWith", newValue);

This statement only shows the projects that start with the text i typed in my search box.

How is it possible to also search for the text also if it's in the middle of a projects name?

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You can use as below:

var qu = new breeze.EntityQuery("Projects")
                .where("Name", FilterQueryOp.Contains, newValue);

FilterQueryOp is an 'Enum' containing all of the valid Predicate filter operators for an EntityQuery.

The Query Operations are defined in http://www.breezejs.com/sites/all/apidocs/classes/FilterQueryOp.html

Contains also has an alias "substringof". SO you could do as below.

var qu = new breeze.EntityQuery("Projects")
                .where("Name", "substringof", newValue);
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It works fine. Thank you –  spitzbuaamy Apr 9 '13 at 9:25

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