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Sorry if this is not the right place to post this but I think the librocket forum is long dead.

I have Ubuntu 12.04 and I followed the steps in building librocket here.

I'm using cmake as the steps said but when I pressed c to configure this error showed up:

 CMake Error at
 Call Stack (most recent call first):
   CMakeLists.txt:61 (find_package)

Any help? Thanks.

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That means that CMake is trying to automatically find the library Freetype on your disk but does not find it. You will have to tell manually to cmake where is the .so file corresponding to FREETYPE_LIBRARY and where is the include directory for FREETYPE_INCLUDE_DIRS.

Let's say this library is in the directory /foo/bar/freetype, you will have to invoke cmake like you did but with the following options:

-DFREETYPE_LIBRARY=/foo/bar/freetype/freetype.so -DFREETYPE_INCLUDE_DIRS=/foo/bar/freetype/include

And if you don't have the library Freetype on your computer, you will - of course - have to download it beforehand.

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Thanks. I will try it the next day. –  tambalolo Apr 9 '13 at 13:30
@tambalolo can you please tell me how you got this working? –  Dhiraj Bodicherla Apr 29 '14 at 15:24

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