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At some point after a mariadb port update, she refused to listen on 3306 upon startup.

I made sure there were no skip-networking directives, and even tried adding one with "=OFF", which did nothing... but the odd thing was it had been working, and "I haven't changed anything".

Yet when I run:

/opt/local/lib/mariadb/bin/mysqladmin variables -u root -p | grep skip_networking

I see skip-networking as being ON.

My config has this:

port            = 3306  
bind-address    =

and no skip-networking setting at all.

Even passing the port and bind-address via command line will not make it listen.

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After a grep of /opt/local/etc, it turns out there is a default config, and inside that there's a skip-networking directive:

cat /opt/local/etc/mariadb/macports-default.cnf

This was only picked up because after reading /etc/my.cnf, apparently the /opt/local/etc/mariadb/my.cnf file is also read. (I'd used /etc/my.cnf, never having edited the other, but something changed-- maybe I'd edited the default and it was overwritten with the update, though I don't remember doing so.)

Commenting out the include in /opt/local/etc/mariadb/my.cnf of the macports-default.cnf once again has her listening.

Pretty clear solution in retrospect I guess, but I was a bit stumped, as I swear "I changed nothing!"... Regardless-- For posterity, and key word searches!

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