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I have to need to bind the value of ValidatesOnDataErrors, so that it can be determined at run-time.

The reason for this, is because i don't always want to validate the data.

This is a property of a binding so i know i CANT do this:

"{Binding Path=SomePath, ValidatesOnDataErrors={Binding Path=SomeBoolProperty}}"

So my question is, how would i change my binding so that the value of ValidatesOnDataErrors, can be determined at run-time.

NOTE: I want to keep the binding in the ViewModel. I don't want to set anything in the View's code behind.

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Implement this logic inside your ViewModel, and make it implement the IDataErrorInfo interface.

When no validation is required, make the properties :

string Error { get; }
string this[string columnName] { get; }

return an empty string;

As a bonus, this behavior will be easily testable.

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Nice, this can work... –  Willem Apr 9 '13 at 9:53

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