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I need to replace the string "something\something" in the below line, in multiple text files. The string in the double quotes is different in each file, and the rest of the line is same. And also some files might have the \ and some mightnot. I need to replace it with a common text. Say Username.

I have tried many regex as,

CType(extensionParams(3),ParameterValue).Value = "." / ".*" / "[A-Za-z]" and found nothing. I am using NOTEPAD++ 6.3.2

Find : CType(extensionParams(3),ParameterValue).Value = "something\something"
(Note: Some files might have the \ and some mightnot)

Replace With: CType(extensionParams(3),ParameterValue).Value = "Username"

Please help with a Regex that satisfies my condition.

Thank you

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One solution would be

(CType(extensionParams(3),ParameterValue).Value = ")[^"]+

and replace with


This matches the first part CType(extensionParams(3),ParameterValue).Value = " including the opening quote and stores this part in the first capturing group.

[^"]+ is a negated character class, that matches any character that is not a quote, one or more times. So this part would match your string between the quotes, that you want to replace. It will not match the closing quote.

With the $1 in the replacement string, you get the content from the first capturing group.

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Thanks a bunch stema...that did work... Thank you again. \1 worked in notepad ++. – goutham devulapally Apr 10 '13 at 11:56
@gouthamdevulapally, I think then you should update your Notepad++ to a current version. Since Version 6, it supports PCRE, regex support is much better now. – stema Apr 11 '13 at 7:43

Try searching for the regular expression (CType\(extensionParams\(3\),ParameterValue\)\.Value = )"[^"]*" and replacing with \1"Username" on lines such as:

CType(extensionParams(3),ParameterValue).Value = "something\something"

Note that round brackets ( and ) indicate captures and so must be escaped to match actual brackets.Most of the search string is captured to save typing in the replacement text. The text between the quotes I have matched with [^"]* which will find zero or more characters that are not double quotes. It may be worth changing that section to be [^"\r\n"] if the string must be on one line.

For the replacement use \1 to include text matched from the search. Some other regular expression editors use $1 for the same purpose. Notepad++ uses \1. Note that if you need to include round brackets in the replacement text then they would need to be escaped with backslashes.

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Thanks a lot Adrian..That was a complete answer. Thank you. – goutham devulapally Apr 10 '13 at 11:57

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