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I am trying to communicate between 2 applications. 1 matlab application 1 C# written application.

The C# application publishes its functions with the Microsoft WSDL application that is non-standard and matlab cannot understand it.

Do you know of any solutions to this problem? Some application that does publish the WCF functions in a standard manner or some automatic tool that fixes this?


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A well-known issue - actually, the Microsoft output is standard-compliant, but most other systems don't support it :-)

Check out these WCF extensions that will allow you to "flatten" your WSDL to include the XSD as inline <wsdl:schema> elements:

Hope that helps!


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You can change the C# application as a .net remonting service.

And then, you can use matlab-net-api call C# dll to communicate with the service.

As the mode, you can use WCF as a service and use use matlab-net-api call C# dll to communicate with the service.

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