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I'm working on a project with a hover navigation.

Due to the nature of touch enabled devices, hover isn't really supported on them. For iOS and android I managed to disable all hover effects and simulate them through the "touchstart" event, which sets the right css properties. This works like a charm. If it is a "touchstart" event, it is a mobile device, otherwise probably a desktop.

Unfortunately Internet Explorer implements its own events, namely "MSPointerDown" and the like.

My problem is, that both IE versions (newest mobile and desktop) fire a "click" event, as well as two "MSPointerDown" events, one with the pointerType "touch", one with pointerType "mouse". I really can't wrap my head around how to find out, if the action was a real touch event or caused by the mouse, since both are triggered. I wanted to avoid a solution based on media-queries since large touchscreens are getting more and more popular.

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Have you tried MSGestureStart ( – zvona Apr 9 '13 at 11:10

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