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I have an angular view which displays a list of items and for each there are two buttons that set each campaign on pause/start. I know it's a very basic problem with angular $resource, but I can't update the item on success $start (in the success callback I can't access anything related to the item).

function CampaignsListCtrl($scope, Campaign, $resource) {
    $scope.campaigns = Campaign.query();

    $scope.startCampaign = function () {
        var c = new Campaign(this.campaign);
        c.status = 1;
        c.$start(function success(response) {
               //here I'd like to update the value but can't access the item.
               //for example this.campaign.status = 1 doesn't work
               //how can I access the ng-repeat item to update it on success $start?
               //the response represents the updated Object

               console.log (response);

        }, function error (response) {
           console.log (response)

    $scope.pauseCampaign = function () {
        var c = new Campaign(this.campaign);
        c.status = 0;
        c.$pause(function success(response) {
               console.log (response);

        }, function error (response) {
           console.log (response)

//// and Campaign is defined as factory
factory('Campaign', ['$resource', '$http', function($resource, $http) {
        var actions = {
            'start': {method:'POST'},                           
            'pause': {method:'POST'}                 
        var res = $resource('/api/campaign.js',{}, actions)
        return res;

and in views I have:

<div ng-repeat="campaign in campaigns">
     <button type="button" ng-show="campaign.status==0" ng-click="startCampaign(campaign)" class="btn"><i class="icon-play"></i></button>
     <button type="button" ng-show="campaign.status==1" ng-click="pauseCampaign(campaign)" class="btn"><i class="icon-pause"></i></button>
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This is a closure/scope related question, not Angular itself. Inside the success handler, this is not the scope anymore, so there is no way to access this.campaign. You actually can solve this problem in a bunch of ways.

The simples, I belive, is to receive the campaign as parameter and just reference it from there:

You already have this in your HTML:


So receive and use it:

$scope.startCampaign = function (campaign) {
    var c = new Campaign(campaign);
    c.$start(function success(response) {
      campaign.status = 1;
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