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This may be a silly question, but i can't find any reference on how to replace a text after being matched by a regexp using dart's RegExp.

So basically what I'm trying to do is like this: I have a text like this

'{name : aName, hobby : [fishing, playing_guitar]}'

I want to match the string using this pattern \b\w+\b then replace using this "$&", then i expect the output is like this :

'{"name" : "aName", "hobby" : ["fishing", "playing_guitar"]}'

So later i can use dart:json's parse to turn that to a Map.

Maybe i miss something, care to give me some pointer?

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You have to use String.replaceAllMapped.

final string = '{name : aName, hobby : [fishing, playing_guitar]}';
final newString = string.replaceAllMapped(new RegExp(r'\b\w+\b'), (match) {
  return '"${match.group(0)}"';

This recipe is sponsored by Dart Cookbook.

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Thank you! works like a charm, and thank you again for pointing that cookbook, don't know there's one. –  Otskimanot Sqilal Apr 9 '13 at 12:54

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