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I'm testing some code for a little experiment I'm doing but right at the beginning I've hit a roadblock that I don't see how to fix.

data DatabaseDriver a b where
  DatabaseDriver :: (Table table, Field field) =>  {
      dbInsert :: table -> [field] -> String
    , dbSelect :: table -> [field] -> String
    } -> DatabaseDriver a b

class Table a where
    tableName :: a -> String

class Field a where
    fieldName :: a -> String
    fieldValue :: a -> String

psqlDriver = DatabaseDriver insert select
        insert t fs = "insert into " ++ tableName t ++ " (" ++ fieldNames fs ++ ") values (" ++ fieldValues fs ++ ")"
        select t fs = "select " ++ fieldNames fs ++ " from " ++ tableName t
        fieldNames = joinComma fieldName
        fieldValues = joinComma fieldValue
        joinComma f = foldl (\a n -> a ++ ", " ++ n) "" . map f

Ok, so this is some test code, the driver functions would get much more complicated than this but even in this test I get the error "Ambiguous type variable 'a0' in the constraint: (Field a0) arising from a use of `fieldName'. So the compiler does see that fieldName is applied to a field but apparently it wants a more concrete type here. I guess having the functions remain polymorphic makes pgsqlDriver not a concrete class?

But the idea would be that these functions are polymorphic. That's the reason I chose to use a GADT here, so I could put type constraints on the parameters to these driver functions without having to repeat them in every instantiation. The plan would be that the defined database driver could work with any Field and Table instances. Can this simply not be done and my DatabaseDriver type would also have to be a type class?

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There are three options here. The first option is to add

{-# LANGUAGE NoMonomorphismRestriction #-}

to the top of your module file.

The second option is to add an explicit type signature to psqlDriver.

psqlDriver :: (Field field, Table table) => (table -> [field] -> String) -> DatabaseDriver a b

The reason for all of this is a little nuanced, and more details can be found here

The third option is to change the definition of psqlDriver to

psqlDriver = DatabaseDriver insert select

However, this is truly ambiguous - there is not reason to prefer any particular instance of Table or Field over another. Perhaps you mean to define DatabaseDriver as follows.

data DatabaseDriver table field where
  DatabaseDriver :: (Table table, Field field) =>  {
      dbInsert :: table -> [field] -> String
    , dbSelect :: table -> [field] -> String
    } -> DatabaseDriver table field

If the original definition of DatabaseDriver is rewritten as an ADT, it is more obvious why.

As it is currently written in the question, the translation to an ADT is

{-# LANGUAGE ExistentialQuantification #-}

data DatabaseDriver a b
  = forall table field .
    (Table table, Field field) => DatabaseDriver
    { dbInsert :: table -> [field] -> String
    , dbSelect :: table -> [field] -> String

Notice the nested forall table field, and how table and field have no relationship to a or b.

The intended translation is either

data DatabaseDriver table field
  = (Table table, Field field) => DatabaseDriver
    { dbInsert :: table -> [field] -> String
    , dbSelect :: table -> [field] -> String

or most likely

data DatabaseDriver table field
  = DatabaseDriver
    { dbInsert :: table -> [field] -> String
    , dbSelect :: table -> [field] -> String

Having the type class constraints in the definition of DatabaseDriver does not let you remove the type class constraints from any use of DatabaseDriver, in particular psqlDriver. In both of the ADT translations above, the type of psqlDriver is

psqlDriver :: (Table table, Field field) => DatabaseDriver table field
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Neither of these appear to work for me. The No mono restrictions pragma does clean up the errors some but it still shows an error on the definition and added a signature doesn't clean that up. But I notice that you give a signature of a function while psqlDriver is actually just a record. I suspect records can't have polymorphic functions because that would make them "polymorphic" which doesn't make sense (I guess?) for a data type. –  Jason Apr 9 '13 at 13:31
As currently written, psqlDriver is not a record, but instead a function. It still requires a second argument, dbSelect. Records can definitely be polymorphic. If you want psqlDriver to be of type forall a b . DatabaseDriver a b, you will need to provide a second argument, possibly named select (though this name does not matter, and I only choose this name because of the current name for the first argument insert). –  ScootyPuff Apr 9 '13 at 13:43
I now see what was intended and have modified the answer. –  ScootyPuff Apr 9 '13 at 14:01
Oh dear, actually I meant to have select defined (notice the function is defined in the where clause, just not used in the top level statement) and it is in my code. Sorry for the confusion. –  Jason Apr 9 '13 at 14:08
If the purpose of the a and b type parameters in DatabaseDriver a b is to allow for any instance of Table and any instance of Field, then the third option should be your solution. I will edit the third option further to explain why. –  ScootyPuff Apr 9 '13 at 14:11

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