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Can I connect to multiple resources on the same IP and port on the client side?

I have the following code-

var myIP = "";
var myPort = "8080";

A = io.connect(myIP+':'+myPort,{resource: 'A/'});
B = io.connect(myIP+':'+myPort,{resource: 'B/'});

A.on('connect',console.log('A connected');
B.on('connect',console.log('B connected');

A.on('message',function(d){console.log('A: '+ d);}
B.on('message',function(d){console.log('B: '+ d);}

I am running node-http-proxy on myIP:myPort. It is proxying connections on A and B to their respective socket-io servers.

If I run the above code on a single script, the browser ignores the second statement (It does not fires a request to resource B).

The on(message) callbacks for both A and B recieve the same data which actually belongs to A.

If I run the above code in two different html pages (A on one and B on other), they work fine and I get the data for both separately.

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Try this:

A = io.connect(myIP+':'+myPort, {resource: 'A/', 'force new connection': true});
B = io.connect(myIP+':'+myPort, {resource: 'B/', 'force new connection': true});

(Yes, I removed some of the quotes)

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Yes it works for me! thanks a lot – arunkjn Apr 9 '13 at 13:10

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