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my app is suddenly crashing after showing Recieve memory warning on console...on surfing i found solution to remove memory leaks..but i am unable to remove memory leaks..

here is sreenshot of enter image description here

Here you will found that it is showing leaks,with some percents...

can anybody help me to solve these leaks...

NOTE : i have created this method in singleton class..

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place the code inside-(MutableArray*)getData{ @autoreleasepool{ your code goes here} return mutableArrayInstance;} – Spynet Apr 9 '13 at 12:51
Memory warning not only occurs because of the leaks, if you load too much data into memory you can exceed the amount of memory available for the app. This can easily happen if you load lots of data into singleton which is never released itself and doesn't release any data "inside". Regarding your memory leaks, you are retaining this objects but never release them, you need to balance each alloc/retain with release or autorelease (make sure not to manually release autoreleased objects). – A-Live Apr 9 '13 at 12:58

As this question is old and hope the user must get a solution.But i think to write answer for this to help other users in future. This scenario comes in these cases:-

1) you're using a lot of memory and available memory is low.

2) Not releasing data that are not in use.

you have to check these leaks:-

1)Use instruments to check memory leaks and where its leaking(Suggestion for them who got memory issues).

2)By seeing your code it seems to be memory leaks when you are allocating array in the singleton class.

3)Not releasing arrays.

Please checkout these links for better understanding of allocations. http://stackoverflow.com/a/3637159/1865424


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